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Given its advertised capabilities, I was shocked by the small size of the Kilo 2400 unit. It is roughly the same size as...

Navy's Railgun
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The Office of Naval Research quietly released footage of the all-electric railgun spitting out a couple of rounds back-to...

Winchester SX4 Built For Speed
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The autoloading shotgun that's built 4 speed. Winchester Super X® Autoloading shotguns have a worldwide reputation for...

MP5 Full-Auto Suppressed
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Using a Zenith Z5-RS MP5 be-quieted with a SilencerCo Omega9k can, she runs some Hush 165-grain 9mm subsonic against a...

Ghost Connectors
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Ghost trigger connectors for Glock® pistols replace the original, factory trigger connectors to give you a lighter,...

Rick and Morty 9 guage plasma pistol
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One thing this episode shows more than any other is just how much, well, not necessarily smarter, but how much wiser...