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Walther P-38
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Where the P4 comes in at was in police use in the 1970s. The penultimate P-38 variant took the P1 and shortened the...

Kalashnikov new military products
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The AM-17 and AMB-17 are compact assault rifles chambered in 5.45×39 and subsonic 9x39mm. These rifles feature a...

S&W Model 66 and 69
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The name says it all: Combat Magnum. Which magnum? That’s up to you. Smith & Wesson is giving you two to choose from...

Lost Arts: Arrows From Shotguns?
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Eric with IV8888 reaches back in the tribal knowledge data bank to take a look at the lost art of firing an arrow from a...

Sig Sauer MCX Rattler
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Designed with help from elite military units around the globe, the Rattler gives users all the fire and fury of an M4 in...

The Sauer 38H
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A lot of technology came from the Second World War. One of the pistols many don't know about is the J P Sauer & Sohn...