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See Through Suppressor
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The gang at SmarterEveryDay teamed up with Steve at Soteria Firearms to make a see-through suppressor or three using an...

Hi Point 10mm Carbine
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While the Ohio-based gun maker has been in the carbine business since 1995, on Monday they announced their newest...

Beretta APX
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Tim with the Military Arms Channel gives Beretta’s APX his famous water-sand-dirt-mud torture test to see how it ticks....

The Browning BL 22
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One of the finest lever-action .22 rifles on the market today, Browning’s little lever-guns is well balanced and finely...

Glock 19 Gen 5
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Introduced last month, the latest variant of the G19 has a lot of new features such as the Glock Marksman Barrel, a...

Winchester SX4
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The Gould Brothers, a couple of bros in every meaning of the word that are really into exhibition shotgun shooting, see...