Gunsport of Colorado Video Wall (Click on Image for Video)

M3 Glock 19
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With a footprint that compares to the typical iPhone when folded, Full Conceal’s M3 customized Glock optimized for...

Kimber K6s
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The 3-inch K6s came to me with a beautiful brushed stainless steel finish and a completely de-horned body, from the...

Beretta APX Polymer
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Jessie and Nick with the Practically Tactical gang spend a lot of trigger time with Beretta’s new polymer framed striker...

IWI new Masda
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Offering a 17+1 capacity, IWI’s polymer framed striker-fired Masada pistols, new for 2018, are being exhibited overseas...

Linda Wilkinson Arms Carbine
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I love my 80's guns. The Linda is a well made classic firearm from the past that's been resurrected and is a faithful...

Remington 1911R1
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The art of 10mm long-slide pistols has been growing over the past few years as hunters embrace the power-packed round for...