Gunsport of Colorado Video Wall (Click on Image for Video)

IWI .308 Bullpup
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IWI is famous the world over for bullpup designs, and this year stepped out with Tavor 7, a feature-rich addition to the...

.50 Cal Slow Motion
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Filmed with the help of a mirror and a Phantom v2511 camera, capable of capturing video at 25,000 frames-per-second, the...

Cody Wilson
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“All handguns will eventually be available for people to produce for themselves, and to do in the privacy of their own...

C.A.R.R. Pack
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The Wraith Concealed Armor Rapid Response (C.A.R.R) pack is one of the most innovative products I have seen to date. It...

SIG’s P365 Micro
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The P365 is staggered-stack, polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol that draws on SIG’s enormously successful P320 concept...

Springfield XD-S Mod.2
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Today, we finally get to talk about the new XD-S Mod.2. This is a difficult gun for me to review, for a number of reasons...