Gunsport of Colorado -Forgotten Weapons, Video's (Click on Image for Video)

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We have been able to find very little information on the Vitali 1910 automatic pistol, but we did have the opportunity to...

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The Hino-Komuro pistol (sometimes spelled Komura) was developed by a young Japanese inventor named Kumazo Hino, and...

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We have a Danish Bergmann-Bayard M1910/21 out at the range today .

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Today we have a video from a range session with a 1914 Lewis Gun in .303 British. We disassemble the gun and do some...

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We take a 1940 Bren gun to the range to demonstrate function, disassembly, and shooting from a variety of positions

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A general look at a couple of early automatic pistol designs, and what they have in common. We have a Bergmann-Bayard...