Gunsport of Colorado located in Boulder, Colorado

Want to consign a firearm or weapon with GunSport?


Please follow these rules!

  • If it is a firearm, is must be UNLOADED. Do not bring a loaded gun into the Store!
  • Be in safe and working order.
  • Have a safety device or be contained in a secure storage device.


If your firearm meets the above criteria, we’ll be happy to help you! When you come by the store we’ll help you determine a fair market value for your item. GunSport offers this service for just 20% of the selling price, with a 90 day stay minimum.

Please be aware – if you no longer wish to consign your firearm and you would like to pick up the firearm(s), we are required to perform a background check before the item can be removed from the store.

If you would like to purchase a used gun, our team at GunSport carefully screens all firearms and verifies that they are not stolen. So you can rest assured that we only offer legal products for sale. Please note: All consignment items are sold AS IS, with no warranty.


If you want to send us a photo, document, or movie on the item you want to sale. You can upload and send it to us here. Will get back to you as quick as possible. However, we will need to make final determination on value with an actual visual inspection. Thanks!