Best Sources For Gun Parts

Best sources for gun parts

Great Sources for Gun Parts!


If you're not sure what the part is called, check out the websites of some of the parts suppliers. Most have schematics with the parts labeled, numbered, and named. Using that information with your order will go a long way toward making sure you get exactly what you need.

You have to understand that there is no factory turning out replacement parts for older, obsolete firearms. More often than not, the parts these suppliers have come from guns they've purchased and disassembled for the individual components. Consequently, the supply and availability can vary from day to day and week to week. If they don't have the particular part you need today, don't get discouraged. Wait a few weeks and try again. It often takes time to find the particular part you need for an out-of-production gun.

If you have an older European commercial or sporting firearm made prior to World War II, finding replacement parts can be especially difficult. One of the reasons for this is that often very few of those guns were imported into the United States. Some came in only as war souvenirs with returning GIs. As for finding drawings or contacting the original supplier, much of that information was destroyed during the war, and many — if not most — of those manufacturers are long out of business. In those cases, you may have to contact a gunsmith about making the missing part.

Far too many good guns have been put aside that could be operable with just a bit of attention and work. Finding a replacement for a worn, damaged, or missing part is normally not impossible or difficult. By knowing about some basic sources and dedicating a few minutes to searching the Internet, you can often take the first steps in putting a good gun back into service.