Shoot Indoors Centerfire League Sign Up Feb 18th 2018

Centerfire League Sign Up

Starting on Sunday, February 18, 2018

Centerfire Pistol League

Have you ever wanted to prove that you were a better pistol shooter than your buddies? Now is your chance! Shoot Indoors is hosting a Pistol League, similar to a Glock shoot but you can use any manufacturer's firearm! Are you a fan of Springfield, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer or Ruger? Whatever your favorite handgun is, it is welcome to be used it must be a .32cal or larger Centerfire pistol.

Shoots are held on Sunday nights and there are always awards and a Potluck Dinner at the end of the League.

Join us and show everyone what you and your favorite handgun can do!             Pre-registration is required to reserve your spot!

Sign up today @ call 303-854-9102 or stop in!


League start date: February 18th @ 7:00pm

Mandatory pre-shoot meeting: February 18th, 2018 @ 6:00pm


At the pre-shoot meeting Safety procedures will be reviewed as well as range commands and target scoring.

RULES: NRA Pistol Rules will apply, except where specific exceptions are made.

GUNS: Any safe .32cal or larger centerfire revolver or semi-automatic pistol may be used.

SIGHTS: Telescopic, metallic or electronic are permitted with the exception of a sight that projects an image onto the target.

POSITION: All shooting is done from the standing position using one hand, and no support is allowed.

TARGET and DISTANCE: B2 slow fire target, and B3 timed and rapid fire at 50 feet.

SHOTS PER TARGET: 10 shots per target.

SLOW FIRE: 10 rounds in 10 minutes

TIMED FIRE: 10 rounds in two five-shot strings at 20 seconds per string.

RAPID FIRE: 10 rounds in two five-shot strings at 10 seconds per string.

AGGREGATE: The aggregate course is 30 shots that must be fired as a complete unit in the same session in order to qualify as a viable course of fire. Each qualifying course of fire must meet or exceed the minimum score or the complete aggregate must be re-fired.


                        Sundays starting February 18th for 10 weeks.


                          Shooters will pay a $20 onetime signup fee

                                            First run each week is $15

                                                Makeup runs are $13

           Prizes are determined at the discretion of SHOOT INDOORS Management.    

 SHOOT INDOORS Management reserves the right to change this program   at any time.   Range # 303-854-9102


Sunday, February 18, 2018 - 07:00