PB silent pistol

The PB (Russian: Пистолет Бесшумный, romanized: Pistolet Besshumnyy, lit. 'Pistol Silent', English: Silent Pistol; GRAU index 6P9) is a Soviet integrally suppressed semi-automatic pistol developed and manufactured by Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, based on the Makarov pistol; since the merger of Izhevsk Mechanical Plant and Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant to form Kalashnikov Concern, it has continued to be manufactured by Kalashnikov Concern. It entered service in 1967.

The PB uses an integral suppressor, which, unlike most similar systems, consists of two parts. This allows the pistol to be carried and kept concealed without the front section of the suppressor attached, and for the suppressor to be quickly deployed prior to use. The pistol may also be fired safely without the front section attached, which may be important in critical situations. When fired like this, the PB sounds similar to a regular Makarov pistol. The detached suppressor is carried in a special compartment of the holster, which was designed especially for the PB.

The PB's firing mechanism and design is based on that of the Makarov pistol. Because the front part of the barrel is covered by the suppressor, the slide is very short, such that it does not allow placing a return spring into it. For that reason, the spring is in the grip, and acts on the slide by means of a long lever.

The iron sights are fixed. It uses standard 8-round magazines from the Makarov pistol.