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Sighting in a Rifle

Many new and even not-so new hunters and shooters believe that sighting in a rifle is difficult or complicated, but it really isn't. Whether you've purchased a new rifle, you're putting a new rifle scope on an old rifle, or you're just trying some new aummunition, here's eight things you need to know to take the mystery out of sighting in a rifle.

REM-T3B USSS Sight Recticule Module

The black ring sight is called the United States Secret Service Sight (USSS) or the USG sight. The black ring sight functions much better than the white ring sight in that you can see the black cross-hairs against white backgrounds; however, you cannot see the cross-hairs against black backgrounds or in low light conditions.The Rem-T3B solves this problem by illuminating the internal tritium sight.

How to Make a Ghillie Suit

A "Ghillie" is a Scottish game-keeper. Pronounce the word "Gee' lee", starting with the glutteral gee (guh), not a jay sound (jee). These guys found that they could sew strips of burlap to their clothes, then wait patiently for poachers to come by -- as long as they remained still, their game would nearly step on them.