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Pence to address NRA annual meeting

NRA-ILA News - 10 hours 16 sec ago
Vice President Mike Pence will address the National Rifle Association at the group’s annual meeting in early May, his office announced on Tuesday.
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How a lifelong anti-gun liberal became an NRA life member

NRA-ILA News - 10 hours 1 min ago
For a large portion of them, their ultimate goal is a full gun ban and to repeal the Second Amendment — I know I was one of them.
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Parkland student claims he was interrogated by deputy, school security after shooting AR-15 at gun range

NRA-ILA News - 10 hours 1 min ago
A Marjory Stoneman Douglas student alleges he was aggressively questioned by school administrators and local law enforcement after posting on social media that he fired an assault weapon at a gun range with his dad.
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Iowa Democrats turning away money nobody offered

NRA-ILA News - 10 hours 2 min ago
Most of the Democrats running for Iowa governor have proudly promised not to take money from the National Rifle Association. In other news, I am refusing to accept any lucrative political consulting contracts from the Democratic Socialists of America.
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Minnesota: Lawmaker stages gun control tantrum

NRA-ILA News - 10 hours 3 min ago
A Democratic lawmaker is holding a 24-hour sit-in on the Minnesota House floor to protest the lack of action on gun legislation this year.
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Study: Firearm Homicide Rate for Black Men 29 Per 100,000; White Men 2 Per 100,000

Gun Reports - Special Reports - 10 hours 7 min ago

“The most surprising thing to me when I was conducting the analysis was how different the rates were across states,” Corinne Riddell, a postdoctoral researcher at McGill University in Canada who was lead author of the study.

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Meet the New Executive Commander 1911 from Ed Brown

Gun Reports - Special Reports - 10 hours 34 min ago

Ed Brown this week added a new edition to their lineup of premium 1911s, the Executive Commander.

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Vice President Mike Pence will speak at NRA convention

General Gun News - 11 hours 2 min ago

Mike Pence, when he was governor of Indiana, speaking at the NRA convention in Louisville in 2016. (Photo: NRA-TV)

Vice President Mike Pence will speak in Dallas next week at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting, the organization said in an announcement Tuesday.

Executive director of NRA’s lobbying arm Chris Cox called it an “honor” to have Pence address members during the Leadership Forum as they kick off the 2018 election cycle.

“He is a lifetime supporter of the Second Amendment and he has a long a record of fighting to defend our freedoms,” Cox said. “Now more than ever we need principled people in public office who will fight to defend the Constitution.”

The event, scheduled for May 4, will spotlight a dozen or so speakers, most of which are fellow politicians and lawmakers, delivering stump speeches and often professing their love for the Second Amendment and NRA members.

President Trump made history when he headlined the event during last year’s NRA show. He was the first sitting president to appear at the event since President Ronald Reagan in 1983.

Pence last appeared at the NRA show during 2016’s presidential election cycle. At the event, the NRA became the first mainstream organization to endorse then Republican candidate Trump. However, Pence was not at the time Trump’s running mate. The organization would go on to spend more than $30 million in support of the Trump campaign.

Before that, Pence also appeared at the event in 2014 when the show was held in Indianapolis and Pence was the governor of Indiana. At the time, some wondered if Pence was considering a presidential bid.

The NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits runs May 4-6 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Arena in Dallas.

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Creedmoor Sports debuts five new brands, product lines

General Gun News - 11 hours 32 min ago

The Ridgeback Rifle Stock is one of the latest products to hit the Creedmoor Sports online catalogue. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

Creedmoor Sports is expanding its inventory, announcing the launch of five new brands and product lines available through its website.

The latest lines include Edgewood Shooting Bags, Grayboe, Markron Custom Products, BarrelCool and the Trace 10 Gen2 Training Analysis System. Edgewood Shooting Bags introduces an array of front bags, spacers, leather stock protectors, hand rests and EDGEbags.

The Ridgeback, left, and Renegade, right, stocks. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

Grayboe offers the Renegrade Rifle Stock and Ridgeback Rifle Stock. The Renegade utilizes a beavertail forearm that delivers a wider and flatter design for bench rest shooters while the Ridgeback is a composite stock crafted to support the M-LOK mounting system.

Markron Custom Products adds its Performance Action Lube, Performance Bore Oil, Bullet and Primer Seal, Primer Sealer Color Packs and Gun Stock Scratch Eraser to Creedmoor Sports catalogue. BarrelCool provides its Cooling & Empty Chamber Device and Mini Brass Drying Tray, designed by precision shooters and engineers for maximum accuracy and precision performance.

Finishing up the new goodies is the Trace 10 Gen2 Training Analysis System. The Trace 10 Gen 2 gives gun owners the ability to train at home — saving money on range fees and ammunition in addition to saving time traveling to and from a range. The setup records users shots, displaying their aiming path and stability in real time.

The Trace 10 system allows users to train at home. (Photo: Creedmoor Sports)

“For 39 years, our goal at Creedmoor Sports has been to serve the precision rifle community with the best products available, providing each shooter with what they need to shoot with confidence, whether that is at your home range or at large, nationally ranked matches,” Brent Books, sales and marketing manager for Creedmoor Sports, said in a press release. “We are proud to bring on these five new brand and product lines, each offering their own unique products that will improve the shooter’s experience.”

Each of the new products is currently available from Creedmoor Sports.

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Clay Learns to Reload Ep. 4: Using a Concentricity Tool & Powder Measure

Gun Reports - Special Reports - 12 hours 1 min ago

This week, the amateur reloading show got some upgraded tools. If you are stepping into the roll your own game, you are going to want to put these high up on your list not far behind the press.

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Going bowling for a strike via .50 BMG (VIDEOS)

General Gun News - 12 hours 2 min ago

Keith Warren with High Road Hunting takes aim at a stack of bowling pins with a sweet FDE bolt-action McMillian .50-cal rifle.

Warming up with a single pin, Warren heads for a strike and pulls it off. We do wish he included what range the shot was taken at just to quantify the bragging rights. Also, what about picking up a spare on a 7-10 split? Now that would be something.

If you want a longer clip of Warren and his big .50, he goes in-depth with what he terms a “redneck science project” taking the TAC-50 on a series of field tests at the FTW Ranch in the below.

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NRA Endorses Ricketts, Evnen, Murante for Top State Offices in Nebraska

NRA-ILA News - 12 hours 23 min ago
Fairfax, Va.— On behalf of our members in Nebraska, the National Rifle Association's Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) proudly announces its endorsement of Pete Ricketts for Governor of Nebraska, Bob Evnen for Secretary of State, and John Murante for State Treasurer. 
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Ed Brown Products releases new Executive Commander 1911

General Gun News - 12 hours 32 min ago

The Executive Commander 1911 was launched in celebration of Ed Brown Products’ 50 year anniversary. (Photo: Ed Brown Products)

A new Executive Commander 1911 joins Ed Brown Products’ yearlong celebration of its 50th anniversary, entering the product lineup under the Elite Series banner.

The Executive Commander sports a 4.25-inch Commander barrel set against 25lpi checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing. The single stack 1911 features a plain black rear sight paired with a gold bead front sight.

The 1911 features 25lpi checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing. (Photo: Ed Brown Products)

As with most Ed Brown 1911s, the Executive Commander offers an array of custom options to include French border, ball endmill cuts, flattened and serrated slide tops and serrated rear slides, among others.

“The addition of the Executive Commander is just another example of listening to our customers and offering the products they want,” sales and marketing director John May said in a news release. “We’ve been in the business of building the finest custom 1911 in the world, for 50 years now!”

The Executive Commander is backed by Ed Brown Products’ lifetime warranty. MSRP is set at $3,395.

The gun boasts a 4.25-inch barrel. (Photo: Ed Brown Products)

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Delaware: Mandatory Gun Storage Legislation to be Heard in Committee Today

NRA-ILA News - 12 hours 54 min ago
Today, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider anti-gun House Bill 366.
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TriStar Arms introduces 12 gauge TriStar Compact bullpup

General Gun News - 13 hours 2 min ago

The TriStar Compact is a 12-gauge bullpup shotgun from TriStar Arms. (Photo: TriStar Arms)

TriStar Arms announced its newest firearm, the TriStar Compact, unveiling the 12-gauge bullpup shotgun on Tuesday.

The TriStar Compact boasts a 20-inch barrel on an overall 30-inch length with the ability to chamber up to three-inch shells. The gas-operated shotgun features a removable choke system with Beretta/Benelli Mobile Threads. The TriStar Compact delivers a rubber recoil pad in addition to sling mounts and a fixed carry handle with adjustable sights.

“The KRX set the standard for what an AR-like shotgun can be. Now with the Compact we’re raising the bar for both AK-like and bullpup shotguns,” Ryan Bader, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TriStar Arms, said in a news release. “Home defense, range fun, and law enforcement can now all take advantage of increased power in a more portable package with the TriStar Compact.”

The TriStar Compact will make its official consumer debut at the NRA Annual Meeting to be held in Dallas, Texas May 4-6. MSRP on the Compact is set for $790.

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Crates of guns: Behind the scenes at a major surplus gun retailer (VIDEO)

General Gun News - 13 hours 2 min ago

If you want to tiptoe through stacks of recently-imported Berettas, Makarovs, Tokarevs, and others, we have the footage.

Monroe, North Carolina is home to Classic Firearms and the Sootch00 channel joins Ben, Dillon, and Robbie in a tour of their warehouse where they take a gander at the stacks. What commences are crates and boxes of Italian police surplus Beretta 92S 9mms, some increasingly rare M1895 Nagant revolvers with matching holsters, Toks still in the grease, Polish P64s, various Czech popguns such as CZ-50s and 70s, Spanish Civil Guardia-marked Star 9mms in weathered green cardboard boxes, Yugo Zastava M70s, and more. And that’s not even covering the rifles, ammo, and holsters.

It’s kinda like Willy Wonka, but with more cosmoline.

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Gun Review: The almost perfect Sig Sauer P365 (VIDEO)

General Gun News - 13 hours 32 min ago

One of the most celebrated new guns at SHOT Show 2018 was the Sig Sauer P365, a subcompact 9mm. Sig Sauer shared a copy with Guns.com for review, and after a vigorous workout with six different shooters, we agree there’s a lot to be excited about, and one detail that needs work.

Built to conceal

The P365 is a striker-fired handgun with a 3.1-inch barrel.  It’s an inch at the widest point, just 4.3 inches high, and 5.8 inches long.  All steel components are stainless; the slide is finished in Nitride. The polymer frame features a pebbled grip surface and rail. It weighs 17.8 ounces unloaded.

The pistol’s profile is rounded where it counts.  The magazine release matches the contour of the grip. The trigger guard is curved. The corners of the adjustable tritium night sights are beveled. Though these aspects contribute to easy concealment and drawing, it’s not rounded to such an extreme that it looks toy-like. It looks ready to get the job done, and it does.

How to win friends in the concealment market

The Sig Sauer P365 packs 10 rounds in a single stack magazine. (Photo: Team HB/Guns.com)

Let’s talk about the P365 magazines.  The two metal-body, polymer-floorplate-and-follower magazines included in the package look rather standard at first glance.  One has a flat bottom; the other sports a slight extension for pinky support, intelligently beveled and flat-bottomed for easier concealment and reloads despite the added material. It’s what they are in the inside that takes these mags, and the P365, to the next level.

These little magazines hold TEN ROUNDS! Yes, in a mag that looks like others that hold six rounds, Sig managed to squeeze ten. This alone is an answer to many a concealed carrier’s wishes. Even better, they’re easy-loading, clearly marked with numbered cut-outs for easy checking of how full they are, and, with one exception, they have functioned with many different grain weights and bullet types with no chamber-feeding malfunctions so far, having fired in excess of 300 rounds.

Want to go from EDC to long days at the range? Sig also offers a 12-round mag for $55. It’s also surprisingly small.

Relatively big magazine capacity in a compact package is what the concealed carry market has been begging for. Sig Sauer can rightly claim this huge win as their own.

Condition check and loading

The loaded chamber indicator is a small cut-out atop the barrel. (Photo: Team HB/Guns.com)

Fans of loaded chamber indictors will be semi-pleased with the P365. Similar to a competing model, the M&P Shield, it sports a cut-out on the top of the chamber, a place to peer into for indications of shining brass. It’s better than nothing, but demands a real press check to confirm a hot chamber in dark conditions.

At approximately 300 rounds, the slide started to deliver the loading motion on its own about half the time upon having a magazine firmly smacked into place. Regardless of whether loading occurred that way, or by releasing the slide lock with a thumb, or by pulling the slide rearward and letting it slam home, it has never failed to put a round into battery. Because the “free loads” resulting from magazine insertion began later, we might assume there’s a break-in period for this firearm.

But how does it shoot?

In this series of trials, the P365 has been loaded with Sig Sauer 115 and 124 grain FMJ.  It’s fired various Remington FMJ and HP loads.  It’s fired Team Never Quit frangible rounds. Some mags have had different grain weights and bullet types mixed together. It has never had a misfeed or misfire. Some HP bullets that are more rounded than tapered seem as though they might get caught up as they tend to stick in the magazine lips, requiring a tiny extra push during loading. However, even these have presented no problems when fired. Reliability, to me, is the most important single factor in selecting a concealment gun, with the 10-round magazine on board, I feel this criterion is met.

Some testing included shooting off-hand and from kneeling at 25 yards.  I was pleased to discover every round had landed within the 12×18-inch target, with not a large amount of time spent setting up the shot, as these shots were done under the time constraint of my state’s daytime police qualification test.

Still more testing involved a similar-size steel target at 15 and 20 yards, fired from standing, kneeling, and prone, results were equally pleasing.

Shooting at night, one-handed and with a flashlight, the P365 continued to deliver accuracy. Fast reloads were still attainable while my support-side hand was busy using the light. The slide lock is easy to reach with my relatively short firing hand thumb.  Releasing it that way still closes the slide hard and fast without pulling the spring back to full tension.  That’s very nice asset! The XRay3 night sights proved themselves on the night qualification; a missed round was my own doing.

The front sight is very apparent during the day; the rear dots more subdued.  At night, all three glow green in equally sized dots. Sig calls them XRay3 Day/Night Sights, an apparent departure from their usual Novak set.  I call them “thanks for including the upgrade I was going to do anyway.”


The Lyman trigger gauge measures average pull weight at 5.29 pounds. (Photo: Team HB/Guns.com)

Looking at this handgun on the shelf, one might expect a long, double action-like pull.  It has the same shape and style folks are used to seeing on Sig DA/SA pistols.  But appearances deceive, and again the P365 delivers satisfaction.  A half-inch or so of travel is met with a consistent wall, where 1/16-inch or so of roll is felt before a clean break. Reset is a short half-inch or slightly more, and occurs with clarity and consistency. Break occurs at around 5.29 pounds of pressure. To my way of thinking, this is the perfect trigger for the everyday carrier who exercises trigger finger safety and wants to enjoy their carry gun at the range as well as for self-protection.

Magazine release

Two-o’clock on my thumb bone does the trick for releasing the mag, every time. (Photo: Team HB/Guns.com)

As mentioned earlier, the mag release is nicely contoured for easy concealment. It isn’t ambidextrous. It does drop the mags fast and without assistance, whether partially loaded or empty—a great feature for any test involving speed.

With much practice, I learned that getting the low-profile button to release the mag without a struggle required pressing on it with the bony edge of my thumb, at the two-o’clock position looking down on the thumb. It may of course be different for other operators, but the point on the release that requires direct pressure is an exact area.  This is a training issue that should soon be mastered by any new owner who takes their skills seriously.


This is a handsome firearm, and the matte finish of Nitron only enhances its classic look—until it gets fingerprints or sweat marks. These blemishes do wipe off but demanded repeated attention during filming so the slide wouldn’t look dirty or worn.  I don’t give a flip about finish if the gun works! But some people do, and they’re probably the same people who wouldn’t mind wiping their slide down on a regular basis to keep it fingerprint-free.

Wait, what?

A local gun store employee warned me about it.  I looked online; other reviewers warned me about it.  It was hard to believe that a gun from such a respected brand would do this.  I had to see for myself.

At first it only happened every so often. But north of the 200-round mark, it happens 100 percent of the time, if a human digit is in the vicinity of the slide lock lever during firing.  The slide’s not locking back when the gun is empty.  It’s happened with all seven people who’ve fired the pistol.  It’s an unexpected anomaly for a gun that’s on the upper end of the price range for subcompacts.

Another 100 rounds of test-firing included experimentation with left- and right-handed shooting, using two hands and one, plus a close inspection of the components involved. What we found is series of narrow, horizontal ledges, beginning with the flange on the left side of the follower, proceeding to the base of the slide lock, and ending with a slim notch on the inside of the slide. Each of these three aspects shares a very narrow interface—nothing radically different when compared to other subcompacts. If anything, there appears to be less material comprising the slide lock than on some other models. Under perfect (absolutely nothing touching the lever during recoil) conditions, this slightly precarious balance works well. Under normal operating conditions, it fails frequently—nearly 100 percent of the time when the gun is fired with a two-handed grip using the right hand as primary.

There is no outwardly visible slot for the slide lock lever on the slide. The pen tip indicates its location on the inside surface. (Photo: Team HB/Guns.com)

The pen points to the slide lock lever interface point inside the slide. The slide has no external lever notch. (Photo: Team HB/Guns.com)

An interesting, sleek-looking, but perhaps related trait of the P365’s construction is that there’s no cut-out for the slide lock on the outward-facing wall of the slide. The notch is entirely internal.

The lock-back issue makes the system less than perfect.  Still, it works in the context of this gun’s intended use. Chances of a defensive encounter expending more than 11 rounds are slim. In this reviewer’s opinion, it’s a gun worth committing to for everyday carry. Training for efficient reloads should be part of every concealed carry routine anyway, and herein we find inspiration despite the comfort of having more rounds to begin with.

By using my thumb-bone as described earlier, a technique mastered with practice on the P365, I easily passed a couple moderately difficult, timed qualifications with the added delay of drawing from concealment.  Every shooter’s hands are unique; my method won’t work for everyone. It’s incumbent upon every gun user to know how to operate their firearm. The sleek contour of the mag release is simply an indication of where all users of the P365 should focus some practice time.

At day’s end

The Sig Sauer P365 is still a great concealed carry gun (Photo: Team HB/Guns.com)

Sig Sauer has produced a darn fine firearm in the P365 and has raised the bar for concealment gun capacity and reliability. It’s my hope the lockback issue might be resolved with changes to future magazines, so today’s owners can resolve the issue with new magazines when this error is fixed.

I’m no mechanical engineer, but I get to play with a lot of results of the craft. Allow me to venture a guess that a stiffer magazine spring might resolve the slide-lock issue by exerting more upward pressure onto the lever, thus solidifying its engagement with the slide when in the rearward position. Of course, that might lead to complaints from consumers who don’t like hard-loading mags, trading one training issue for another. Given the choice, I’ll take the one I’m much more likely to do in my downtime than in a gunfight or friendly competition.

There’s so much to like, and one unfortunate anomaly, with the P365. To my mind, its performance and capacity outweigh the fact that running the mag dry makes it, momentarily, more like running an AK than a little carry piece. With a price point of $599.99 and real prices currently very close or exceeding that after local add-ons, Sig needs to address this error and keep making these wonderful pistols. I’m looking forward to seeing future iterations in new colors, and dreaming there’ll be a compact-size companion in the future.

Thanks to Sig Sauer for sponsored ammunition. Exos Gear and Propper provided reviewer’s garb.

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Maryland governor signs bump stock ban, bills to up firearm seizures

General Gun News - 13 hours 33 min ago

With over 200 bills signed Tuesday, ranging from animal welfare laws to gun measures, the Baltimore Humane Society was on hand with puppies for the event, with Gov. Hogan shown with one in hand. (Photo: Maryland Governor’s Office)

Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, approved a stack of pending legislation on Tuesday including several championed by gun control advocates.

Hogan inked 207 bills into law at a Maryland State House ceremony in Annapolis. Among those were measures to outlaw bump stock devices, implement Extreme Risk Protective Orders, provide funding for local gun violence programs, and increase mandatory gun surrenders in domestic abuse cases. The legislation includes:

House Bill 432 sets aside $10 million in funding to establish the Maryland Violence Intervention and Prevention Advisory Council. Backed by the Giffords group and Baltimore area lawmakers, the Council would approve grants to local governments and non-profits to fund health programs aimed at “violence reduction” and “gun violence prevention.” The bill was approved unanimously in the state Senate and 116-23 in the House.

House Bill 888 bans what are now classified under Maryland law as rapid fire trigger activators, defined as bump stocks, binary trigger systems, burst triggers and trigger cranks. The language of the bill excludes replacement semi-auto triggers meant simply to improve the performance of a firearm. Those with devices in their possession prior to October can keep them, provided they comply with as-yet unwritten federal requirements. Violators face three years in prison and a $5,000 fine. The National Rifle Association characterized the move as “broad and overreaching.” The proposal passed 128-7 in the House and 35-11 in the Senate.

House Bill 1646 mandates that individuals convicted of domestic abuse crimes in the state transfer within two days any guns they possess to a federally licensed firearms dealer, with law enforcement verifying the move and the court notified in turn. Gun control advocates argued the bill was needed to close “dangerous loopholes” in state law that can leave guns in the hands of those who legally had them prior to their convictions. The measure passed unanimously in the Senate and 135-4 in the House.

House Bill 1302, characterized by supporters as a “red flag” law, would establish Extreme Risk Protective Orders, a mechanism where police or family of an individual can petition the court to grant a temporary order seizing the guns of someone thought to be at risk to themselves or others. Supported by gun national gun control advocates, the NRA said the legislation “lacks basic due process protections and is ripe for abuse.” The bill was the most contentious of the gun control measures approved by the legislature, passing the House 93-46 and the Senate 31-13.

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Illinois: Continue Contacting Lawmakers as Deadline Draws Near

NRA-ILA News - 13 hours 51 min ago
Thanks to your calls, emails and other efforts, the Illinois state Senate has so far delayed consideration on overriding Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto on legislation that would drive your local gun stores out of business with onerous red tape and regulations.  Today, April 25th, is the deadline for any action to be taken on these bills, anti-gun Senators are expected to make a final push to override the veto.  Please continue to contact your state Senator and urge them to OPPOSE overriding the veto on Senate Bill 1657 and House Bill 1273.  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Senator.  In addition, you may click here or call 217-782-2000 to find your state Senator.
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Man who posed with guns, drugs in rap video gets 4 years in federal prison

General Gun News - 14 hours 2 min ago

A Kansas man seen in a music video with marijuana and a collection of firearms was sentenced Monday in federal court.

Shundell Cortez Barkus, 23, of Wichita, was sentenced to 48 months imprisonment followed by two years supervised release by U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten, according to an announcement by the Department of Justice.

As detailed in court documents, Barkus and five others, De’Adrian Johnson, Mario Smith, Imanuel Norwood, Keandre Summers and Dondre Broom, appeared in a rap video filmed in last January. In the video, the men puffed on weed and handled numerous firearms. In a search of the residence used for the filming location two weeks later, police recovered 2.5-pounds of marijuana and almost a dozen guns, many of which matched those used in the video.

Among the 11 guns recovered were a Springfield XD .45 ACP pistol, a Taurus .40-caliber, an AD-TEK Timberwolf .223 rifle, a MAK-90 rifle, several revolvers, a Mossberg shotgun and a Hi-Point .45, all listed as forfeited in court proceedings.

Besides Barkus who entered into a guilty plea in January to unlawful possession of a firearm by a user of controlled substances, Broom and Johnson have already been sentenced to four years and six months, respectively. Smith is set for sentencing in June, while Norwood and Summers have yet to be tried.

The Kansas case is not the first time the feds have secured a win in court on aspiring rappers with illegally possessed weapons this year. In February, a federal judge gave Ricardo Burris, 31, who performs under the name “Nation,” 15 years after he pleaded guilty to one count of illegal possession of a firearm by a felon, and one count of distribution of a controlled substance. Burris– who had been arrested more than 50 times, had multiple felonies under his belt and was a prohibited from possessing a firearm under federal law– appeared in a 2016 music video entitled With That during which he displayed at times at least two different handguns.

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